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For quick questions

If you have a short question that fits in 280 characters, we encourage you to ask it on Twitter. This is the best place for "quick questions", and we are doing our best to answer your tweets throughout the day. You can also use Mastodon.

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For longer questions

We encourage you to post longer questions on the Orbeon Forms forum, hosted on Google Groups. You can read and search through all the message posted on the form without having to log in, but to post a message, you'll first need to log in with a Google account.

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  • If you don't have Google account, or prefer to post from another account, you can subscribe to the forum as a mailing-list by sending an email to, leaving the subject and body of your email empty. And if you have any trouble subscribing to the list, feel free to contact us at

For programming questions

If your questions technical and requires a fair amount of explanations and doesn't fit in 140 characters, ask your question on Stack Overflow. And when doing so, keep in mind:

  • If you encounter an issue with Orbeon Forms which may be due to a bug, feel free to post about it on Stack Overflow phrase it as a question ("how come that when doing A, I get B, while I expected to get C?").
  • When you have a question about an issue, if possible include a minimal example showing what the issue is, so we can reproduce the issue you're having.
  • You don't have to be logged into Stack Overflow to post a question, but we encourage you to create a Stack Overflow account. This way, you will be able to tell Stack Overflow to email you when a new answer to your questions is posted, and you'll have access on the site to your previous questions.
  • Stack Overflow is a website featuring questions and answers on a wide range of topics in computer programming, not only Orbeon Forms. So make sure to tag your question with the "orbeon" tag. This way other people in the community will be notified that you posted a new question. You can post a question following this link and it will be correctly tagged.

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Where is the source code?

The source code of Orbeon Forms CE is on GitHub.